The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Therron Dumas as Atxe

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About Atxe:

The mythology of the minotaur is based on Atxe. Atxe is often referred to as a bull or incredibly strong man.

Atxe is a Fey Warrior who has served Gentry. Shortly after the Battle of Grunwald, Bob ordered that Atxe be shackled. Bob was concerned that Atxe could not live in peace.

Having a history, Joe could not bring himself to shackle his old comrade. So, Atxe agreed to live out his life in peace and seclusion, but even Atxe has been drawn back to the mountains as the transition nears.
About Therron Dumas:

Born and raised in Newark New Jersey, by his mother Michele Dumas and his grandmothers, the late Catherine Dumas and Willie Mae McGill. Growing up in the streets of Newark N.J, you had to choose your friends wisely, and your day to day situations and activities very carefully. Therron soon realized he had a talent for two things, singing and martial arts and he started doing both at an early age, He studied the art of "Chi Fu Ka Ninjutsu" at Ninja University Of The Martial Arts, under the instruction of Grandmaster Eugene David Floyd. Achieving the rank of black belt by seventeen. Therron is also a vocalist, and would sing anytime and anywhere he got a chance to, weddings, plays, talent shows, any events he could. He took an interest in bodybuilding,and furthering his martial arts knowledge, which included:Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and also some Krav Maga. Toward the end of high school, Therron concentrated more on a career in the military, in which he did attempt to do. He enlisted in the United States Navy in the early nineties during "Dessert Storm", and he pre commissioned the Naval aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington CVN 73. Unfortunately, Therron sustained a knee injury during his first tour, and was unable to continue to do his assigned job, eventually being discharged from the Armed Forces.
Therron began his acting career all by chance, thanks to his wife Stephanie, who saw a casting call that fit his description. She immediately asked him if he wanted to try out for a role in the movie, he immediately said "No", and she submitted him anyway...... He went ahead and tried out for the role, he got it and the rest is history. Therron is what you may call the "Bad Guy", in which he has played in many roles. He has amassed over 23 starring or supporting roles in the relatively short span of 3 years.