The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Deborah Rinn Critzer as Ma Hyter

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About Ma Hyter:

The Hyter Sprites are a clan of Solitary Fey who fill the role of protector of children. Often taking the shape of birds, they help children who get lost in the mountains find their way home. However they have no use for adults, and go out of their way to avoid conversation and interaction with humans as much as possible. When interaction cannot be avoided, the leader steps forward as Speaker and assumes human form to take care of the necessary communication.

Like all families, the Hyters don't always agree on the best way to accomplish their mission. Ma Hyter believes that the protection of children should be the primary focus, tending to lean toward flight rather than fight in the interest of keeping her young wards safe. She will spirit those in danger away and shelter them away from harm.

Hettie Hyter prefers to fight. She would rather remove the threat than hide, and refuses to back down.
About Deborah Rinn Critzer:

Deborah is a veteran Washington, DC-based actress of classical, musical, and modern American theater. Some of the highlights of Deborah’s career include singing with the Dave Brubeck Quartet at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC and working under the musical direction of Tony Award nominee, Michael John LaChiusa. Also, as a professional theater management volunteer, Deborah received the League of Washington Theaters “Off Stage Award” in 2009. Shotgun Mythos will be Deborah’s film/video debut.
Deborah trained at Georgetown Washington University, the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, and the Shakespeare Theatre Company.