The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Ray Remillard as Amadan

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About Amadan:

Amadan Dubh was one of those members of the fey so infamous that they had no equal. Known as the Black Fool or the Stroking Lad, Amadan was known to bring madness, paralysis, or disfiguration with just a touch. Though his choice of victims seems capricious, Amadan always has a plan. It is this plotting and scheming that put him in position to take over the Slau, where he has continued to bring chaos into the world of mankind.
About Ray Remillard:

Ray Remillard is a seasoned actor with IMDB credits in Motion Pictures and Television. He is affiliated through SAG-AFTRA. He plays multiple stringed instruments and is a talented singer as well.

Two years after Busch Gardens, Williamsburg opened, Ray was hired as the Fiddle Player/Lead Singer for the show in the New France area of the park and was featured in the Pre-Movie advertising trailer for Busch Gardens. His career was all about radio, and for 26 years he was an on-air personality and production manager at stations from Hawaii to Virginia. He also ran a company that provided entertainment for 4-Star hotels in the Hawaiian Islands. Ray continues to be an avid follower of everything Sci-Fi and loves bringing unusual characters to life.

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