The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Monique Gaw as Summer

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About Summer:

Summer Skye is a nature-loving free spirit who provides the optimism and positive outlook that Joss lacks at Washburn and Associates. A believer in fairy tales, Summer doesn't realize how close they have come to touching her own life. As in so many fairy tales, Summer's parents were childless, and only magical intervention could remedy that. But all magic comes with a price...and for Summer, her debt is called due and she becomes the guardian of Heather, an angry, sarcastic young girl who is completely at odds with Summer's own cheery disposition.
About Monique Gaw:

Monique Gaw is an active actress in the indie film world. She has been seen in the films Perspective, Violent Karma and Cowboy Killer as well as a number of short films. Monique has also been featured in a television campaign for Melson Gems.