The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Mike Thorne as Joe

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About Joe:

Joe is the Architect of the Gentry Endowment Fund. But to them, an architect has nothing to do with creating buildings, and everything to do with seeing the larger picture. When other members of the Gentry are tied up in their own politics and schemes, Joe looks to the longer game, to see how actions will effect the end result. He is not opposed to working without approval if the end result is served.
About Mike Thorne:

It isn't often that you come across a resume that includes ballet and broadsword training, modern dance and martial arts, quarterstaff, Parkour and Ballroom dancing, but such is the diversity of Mike Thorne. Trained at TheaterLab DC, the Washington Shakespeare Theatre Company and Washington Improv Theatre, Thorne has appeared in the television series Who theBleep Did I Marry, as well as in the films Legend of the Seeker and My Wedding and Other Secrets.