The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Marcus Lawrence as Joss Washburn

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About Joss:

Joss Washburn is a cynical man with a difficult past. His parents and older sister disappeared mysteriously when he was a child, leaving him as another kid in the system. When he was old enough to join the military, he enlisted and the military life suited him well until a tragedy occurred that was too great to bear. Upon returning home, he founded Washburn and Associates, a private investigation firm that specializes in missing persons cases. With his high success rate and associate Summer Skye managing the business, Washburn and Associates earns a reputation as the place to go when no one else can help.

But all of Joss' previous experience cannot prepare him for the turn his life takes when Thales shows up at his door with Heather in tow. Here Joss learns that he is Thales' designated successor, the new Hand of Prometheus. As a long dormant cold war begins to erupt around him, Joss must learn to set aside his doubt before humanity pays the price.
About Marcus Lawrence:

Marcus Lawrence has been playing music and acting in the DC Metro area for more than 10 years. Known as the "Indie King of the Southeast" to many who know him, his resume includes multiple professional theater productions, commercials, films and TV productions.

He started his theater career in avant garde theater productions such as the often controversial Cherry Red Productions Kenneth, What Is the Frequency? and Cinema Verite and even appeared nude in their popular event Day Old Plays.

He then moved into more classic American Theater, appearing in Arsenic and Old Lace, and Harvey, as well as stretching his range with VpStart Crow Productions ranging from Steinbeck and Dickens to August Strindberg's The Ghost Sonata. He would go on to do Greek in Richmond (Agamemnon's Daughters), Shakespeare in Fredericksburg (Twelfth Night) and most notably as Dionysus in The Bacchae at The Capitol Fringe Fest.

Amid all of his theater work, Marcus also built his film resume. A frequent collaborator with Clint Gaige of Growth Media Services, Marcus starred in and produced crime noir films Violent Karma and Perspective, as well as numerous short films and commercials. He has shown a more comedic side in Old Virginia Film's Lily's Thorn, appearing as Lily's buffoonish ex-husband, and then as a French bank robber in Old Dominion's TV Show From the Files of Interpol for the Discovery Channel.