The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Justyn Christofel as Agathos

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About Agathos:

Agathos is a protector spirit, assigned to a particular family. He alternately takes the form of a strong young man and a flying snake. In ancient times, offerings of wine were made to the Daimos Agathos, to ensure the safety and fortune of the family. Agathos has not lost his taste for wine, nor his determination in keeping safe those trusted to his care.
About Justyn Christofel:

Justyn Christofel has been working in Film and Stage for over 13 years as Both an Actor and technician.His film credits include roles in "The Night Watchmen", VEEP, "Evil Kin" and "Deadly Affairs" and On stage has portrayed such characters as Dracula, Christopher Wren in "the Mousetrap", Leon in Fools and Ichabod Crane in Mark Scharfs' adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy hollow, wherein he is listed as Original performing cast in the published version. As a technician he has earned the honour of Artist in Residence" for his home theatre troupe the Twin Beach Players and has Directed, Stage Managed, PA'd and performed various other tasks to get the production done. Apart from these things he's a huge nerd and thinks he can fight crime.