The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Ivy Elizabeth as Nimue

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About Nimue:

Mother of the Slau, Nimue is not truly a Fey at all, but one of the Fates, to which all Fey owe their beginings. Originally known as Atropos, the "inevitable One", she chose the mechanism of death and cut the thread of life of each mortal with her abhorred shears.

The Arthurian age brought a change in her. She saw a mortal that was worthy of her attention, assumed the identity of Nimue and became the lover of Merlin. But the Fates can be fickle, and when she tired of him, she entrapped the greatest wizard of Britain in a Hawthorne tree, and assumed the role of Arthur's advisor herself.

The Battle of Grunwald saw another transition for Nimue, when a disagreement with her sisters, brought about a division. Now, she pursues her own agenda, and humanity may pay the price.
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