The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Erin DeCaprio as Cherise

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About Cherise:

Cherise Baoban may seem like your typical administrative assistant, but behind the demure facade is a woman who has trained warriors and kings. Known as Scathach in Irish Mythology, she is a legendary warrior and martial arts teacher who trained the hero Cu Chulainn in the arts of combat.

Her quest to be the kingmaker has continued through the ages, leading her to take a guiding or assisting role in the lives of leaders of both the fey and humans through the ages.
About Erin DeCaprio:

Erin DeCaprio started acting about 8 years ago and has been active in community theater ever since. Graced with great comedic timing and a sharp intellect, Erin can play a convincing airhead or even more convincing manipulator and woman with her own agenda, like Mythos' Cherise.

Her acting credits include Run For Your Life at Castaways Repertory Theater, Fat Pig at Dominion Stage and Fragile X at Fauquier Community Theater, as well as Gas-n-Go , which won Best Supporting Actress, Best Ensemble and Best Overall Production at the NVTA One Act Festival.