The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Elizabeth Gmaz as Kelly

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About Kelly:

She may look like a sweet young girl, but behind the pretty face is the soul of the most powerful fairy of Ulster. A daughter of Dagda, Kelly--who was known as Aine in Ireland, exacted a harsh revenge on any man who attempted to mistreat her. Punishments ranged from the loss of an ear to being turned into a goose, the loss of kingship to the loss of life. As a member of the Gentry Endowment Fund, Kelly ensures that the house is protected and the path maintained.

About Elizabeth Gmaz:

Elizabeth Anne Gmaz is an American-born actress, model, and costume designer. She was born in Willingboro, NJ and was raised by her parents, Jacqueline and Joseph Gmaz, who were in the United States Air Force. As an Air Force Brat, Elizabeth had the amazing opportunity to travel all over the world which engrained into Elizabeth a love for history and the arts.

Professionally, Elizabeth has been a Human Resources (HR) Specialist and Liaison for the Department of Defense. Elizabeth is also the President of Studio Cosplay which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in the DC metro area whose mission is to promote community through the art of costuming by providing workspace, opportunity, and education. She is also the Social Media Manager for Running Gun Productions which is a DC metro area radio production company. Elizabeth is also an avid podcaster who is a regular guest on the show “7 Days A Geek” and a columnist for the nerd website, We Be Geeks.

Elizabeth started her film career by working on the popular TV show "House of Cards" and has since worked for "HBO VEEP," and "How To Get Away With Murder." She will be staring in the TV series "Shotgun Mythos” and the movie "R-Naught 15."