The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

David Van Tassell as Black Hour

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About Black Hour:

Black Hour takes crimes of passion to the next level. A fey with an unusual ability, Black Hour needs only to touch someone to "infect" them. His influence may go unnoticed for hours, days or weeks, but once a person is driven to anger, the possession takes over, causing them to act upon their rage-fueled urges and driving them mad. When Black Hour is in possession, a person will be unable to speak.

Bound for ages because of his abilities, Black Hour has been set free to push forward the chaos and test Joss to his threshold.
About David Van Tassell:

David Van Tassell hails from Wheaton, Maryland. He received his B.F.A in Cinema in 2011 from McDaniel College where alongside his four years of focus in Screenwriting and Production, he pursued training in a variety of martial arts from Kali to Tactical Room Clearing.

Combining his passions for film and combat, David's been doing fight coordinating since 2007, directed his first martial arts short film "The Legacy of Dog" in 2011, and his most recent fight acting appearance was as Francis the IT Guy in "The Continuing Adventures of John Blade Super Spy" as part of the 2013 DC Capitol Fringe Festival.