The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Daniel Purcell as Lir

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About Lir:

A great warrior of the fey, Lir was annoyed when Bobd was elected their leader. In order to appease him, Bobd gave Lir his daughter Aoibh in marriage. Lir loved her very much, and together they had four children, one girl and three boys. But Aoibh died, and Lir and their children missed her terribly, so Bobd sent his other daughter Aoife to marry Lir. But Aoife was a jealous woman, and plotted to get rid of the children. On a journey to Bobd's house, she ordered a servant to kill them, but the servant refused. In a fit of rage, she used her magic to turn the children into swans. Knowing that this act would reflect badly on him, Bobd turned Aoife into an air demon, but the damage was done. The rift that had begun with the appointing of a king was made permanent by the loss of four beloved children.
About Daniel Purcell:

Daniel Purcell is a stage and screen veteran with roles in Run for Your Wife in Castaways Repertory Theater, which won him a Best Actor Award, as well as Last of the Red Hot Lovers for Rooftop Productions and California Suite for Fauquier Community Theater. He has also appeared in the films For the Glory, Dead on Delmarva, Sis Ana and Jamesy Boy, as well as the TV shows The Men Who Built America and House of Cards.