The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Christine Lange as Avery

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About Avery:

Avery is new, relatively speaking, to the world of the Gentry. The first human to sit on their board, Avery is the underdog in the boardroom. And while Bob and some of the other members of the board may look down on her as an upstart, she has found an ally in Kelly. And together the two of them hold a secret that will shake Gentry to its roots, and make Joss re-evaluate all that he knows to be true.
About Christine Lange:

Christine Lange is the Artistic Director of the Grain of Sand Theater in Arlington, VA. New to film and video, she has been active in the D.C. theater community as a director, stage manager and actor for over a decade. Recent credits include Raising Cane: A Family Portrait (Director), for the 7th Annual Capital Fringe Festival, Socrates the Lover (Heraklides/Chorus), Frankenstein (Elizabeth), Four Dry Tongues (Director), Oleanna (Carol), The Bacchae (Director), An O. Henry Christmas (Director), A Christmas Carol (Co-director), The Ghost Sonata (Director), The Taming of the Shrew (Bianca), and Romeo and Juliet (Benvolio/Apothecary). Christine holds a BA in Theater from George Mason University.