The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

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Robbie Whiplash, Composer

Robbie began making music at the age of 13, learning every instrument that was put in front of him, and teaching himself drums, keyboard, guitar and bass.Having belonged to many bands his most successful ventures have been with his current bands Machines Of Living Death (Vocals) and The Recently Deceased (Drums/Guitar) and Omnislash (Drums). Having toured the country and supporting many national acts and making connections in the industry he decided to pursue a hidden passion of his musically... scoring soundtracks.

With songs featured in such films/shows as "Ninjas Vs. Monsters" and web series " Rebels and Rejects", Robbie plans to bring on the full effect with Shotgun Mythos, fusing everything from mechanical industrial sounds to full symphonic scoring.
Symphonies, machines, choirs, metal/rock giving this already gritty action drama even more edge.

You can visit Robbie's personal music page at

already featuring his original score track "Requiem of Ari"
and his bands at